I am so happy you found your way to me. I am writing this blog in hopes of helping others navigate this beautiful and complicated journey we call LIFE. I have spent most of my adult life in a state of introspection and analysis as to why we behave the way we do and make the choices that we make. I think the combination of growing up with complicated family dynamics and being a Psych major in college, resulted in an avid over-thinker. Along the way, I have thrown myself into research on how I can live my life better. Self-care has always been of great interest to me, from the way we eat, to mindfulness and mediation, and spirituality, to name a few.

My house is a library of self-care books. Though my road has been winding and faulty at times, I have found with age, as with most things in life, I am getting better at navigating life. I am learning how to be kinder to myself. I am working towards practicing grace daily, not only with myself, but also with others. And I am finally figuring out how to make my body perform at an optimal level by focusing on nurturing my mind, my body and my spirit. I believe that for us to function at our highest self, we must spend time on all three elements of our being. My intention is to share with you, the reader, things I have learned along the way that have helped me become a better, stronger human. Even if only one of my practices resonates with you, I will have accomplished my goal.

My prayer is that you keep an open mind, absorb what speaks to your soul, and let all else wash away. I pray that my experiences can help enrich your life, so that you can better navigate this magical and messy expedition that we are all traveling on together.

In Love and Light,