The Red Balloon Project is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was created to serve the community in the following ways:

  • Bridging gaps between people in need and those with a heart to give and serve others
  • Collaboration with local organizations supporting those in need
  • Partnering with restaurants to feed the homeless and food insecure when food kitchens are unable to operate at their normal capacity
  • Fundraising to support core programs for the homeless
  • Identifying mental health resources for our homeless community


Blossoming amid a global pandemic, the Red Balloon Project was founded on the idea of circularity – the reciprocal effect of serving others and thereby receiving service. By taking a leap of faith on another person, the Red Balloon Project uplifts individuals out of their own circumstances by fulfilling basic needs and creating opportunities for self-nourishment.

Why RED?

Red is symbolic for the color of love. Love is the common force inside all of us that makes us equal. It is from this place of love that we can begin to change the world for the betterment of mankind. Red is symbolic in many religions and cultures. In Christianity red symbolizes the blood of Jesus who gave his life. In Buddhism, red symbolizes blood, fire, the life force, and preservation. In the Chinese culture, red signifies joy and good fortune. In the Japanese culture, red represents energy and vitality, seen on the sun on the Japanese flag. 

Red is significant for the Red Balloon Project because we believe it represents our love for our brothers and sisters in need of a helping hand. 

Why the?

Balloons are symbolic for freedom and release. When a balloon is let loose, it rises to the heavens above and tension no longer exists. Our mission at the Red Balloon Project is to help those suffering in any way that we can, with the goal of releasing them from the confines of their current situation, while in the care of our community helpers.

Our Collective Call to Community Action

Through the love and kindness of many, we can start a fire in our community to help others rise up from their circumstances. We will come together as a collective and share our resources and time to help those that are suffering feel less alone. We will honor these individuals in a myriad of ways so that their internal light can begin to glimmer again, as it was intended to do. Our prayerful vision for the Red Balloon Project is that when needs arise for our fellow Memphians that are struggling, we will work by quickly calling our community to action. We will use the agility of our nimble organization to rapidly execute a plan to help those in the greatest need.