Many of us find it uncomfortable to talk about ourselves or when asked, start listing roles such as our job, families, and volunteer organizations. I consider myself to be a part of that group…in a big way. So, I decided to take a different approach. I am freezing and sharing a moment in my life here with you now, so that you can have a better glimpse into “me.”

Today, I…

See a lot of hope in our ever-changing world. Despite the unsurmountable struggles we are all facing in the middle of a pandemic, I see people prioritizing the care of others.

Hear thunderstorms. My favorite sound.

Feel that my intention is to empower others to improve their story with self-care, and through gifts such as mindfulness, meditation, mindset and giving back.

Dream for there to be no suffering, for all to have a safe home, be well fed, and for all to feel loved, worthy, and secure.

Love my creative and multi-talented husband, Stanley. And my empathetic, compassionate and artistic son, Charlie.

Try on a daily basis to refrain from judgment and self-sabotage.

Pray we all leave the world a little better than we found it.