I am a curious writer, perpetual student, wellness coach, speaker, podcaster and founder of the Red Balloon Project. After being diagnosed with late-stage, neurological Lyme disease, I embarked on a healing journey of self-discovery that would change my life. It would take years for me to fully integrate my studies, findings and healing modalities. My quest to go within, heal within and love within, taught me a vast amount about reclamation. I discovered that before I could experience the world outside of myself, the way I deeply desired, I would first have to explore and create it from within. I realized that we are in fact the expert that we so desperately seek out in others. I came to understand that we are the magic that we so deeply crave to experience outside of ourselves. And that our story is both our medicine and roadmap, if only we can find the courage to listen to it and embrace it.

I have learned that outsourcing our health, by design, keeps us fat, sick and nearly dead. I have discovered that masking our symptoms, in order to not feel them, not only keeps us from healing, but makes us sicker. It has become evident that our mind is one of the most crucial parts of our healing journey. Our thoughts and emotions, if repressed and not felt in their entirety, will keep us unwell. I believe that until our mind, body and spirit are in alignment with one another, we will remain stuck. We are not broken; we have just been misled and indoctrinated by a system that needs us to remain numb and sick, so that we do not awaken to our power.

I finally found freedom once I stopped numbing out every emotion that surfaced. Once I pivoted away from fear and our conditioning to remain disconnected the landscape of my life began to change. Taking radical accountability for my life choices, while sitting with my shadows and parts of me that I had become accustomed to running from was a turning point in my life.

I believe in bodily sovereignty, health freedom and our body’s innate ability to heal itself, all of which are our birth right. I have found that simplicity is the secret. Returning to nature is where the magic lies. Sun gazing and growing our own food is where healing begins. Feeling the earth under our feet is where liberation can be found. Practicing embodiment before making decisions is often what stands between us and our truth. Walking away from systems that no longer serve us is where empowerment resides. And taking the road less traveled is often where we will find our highest self, patiently awaiting our arrival. Because once we produce homeostasis within, the possibilities for creation are limitless. My work is founded in these principles.

Connect with me through my wellness coaching or podcast, “Chime in with AWJ,” where I share my experiences on the path of change, influences from thought leaders, and the demand for authenticity to make a better world.

A Minute With Amanda

“What is your most recent influential read?
 Dr. Joe Dispenza’s You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter.

When are you most connected to the universe?
In the earliest morning hours, when our home is quiet and still, praying, meditating, writing. That sacred time allows me to more easily access my inner knowing.

Where is your happy place?
Our home, the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the presence of the ocean, our cozy bed.

What turns you on?
Stillness, nature, intuition, the sun, rain, our brilliant body’s ability to heal itself.

What turns you off?

Favorite scents
Rain, fires, lavender, lilies.

What is your favorite life hack(s)?
Prayer, meditation, writing, intuition, fasting.

Favorite documentary
The Biggest Little Farm

Favorite Podcast
Wellness Momma Podcast



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